Hedge maintenance

Specialist hedge trimmers in Torbay

Hedges remain healthy and look great when they are pruned once or twice yearly. Get in touch with our hedge trimmers to find out more about professional hedge maintenance.
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Why should you choose Trees in Need?

  • Our skilled team can manage hedges of all sizes
  • Our tree experts present you with various pruning               styles that suit your property and hedge species
  • All hedges are different and need certain pruning                regimes due to their species.
  • We adopt environmentally-friendly practices and                  recycle all the waste generated from our work
  • We undertake regular cost-effective contracts,                       arranged through appointments
  • Our staff provides quality re-planting services
  • We can help you with our free and professional                     advice based on your garden needs including extra             screening, sectioning areas etc.
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Keep your garden healthy

Do you want to maintain healthy hedges for a long time? Our hedge experts trim back hedges to encourage dense growth. We also carefully prune your hedges. At Trees In Need, our articultural specialists have many years of experience tending to hedges and trees. We can advise you on the most cost-effective options for long term management of your hedges. Our experts can explain various design themes and regimes that work best for your property. We provide our tree and hedge care services in Torbay, South Hams and Teignbridge.
At Trees In Need, we conform to the British Standard of Tree work recommendations. Call us on 01803 314 694 or
07967 028 852 to discuss your requirements.

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